The following are questions we get asked on a regular basis: 

Q: Covid - 19.... Are all  your Musicians vaccinated, and do you have 'Vax-Passes'? 

A: YES! All Contracted individuals within The HANDS OFF group are Fully Vaccinated and have the appropriate certification on request. 


Q: In your photos, there seems to be quite a few people in your band....... What's the story?

A: HANDS OFF can provide our clients with great entertainment to suit your budget. From our Trio right through to our 5 piece 

corporate band. Click on the contact TAB or call now to discuss your needs. 


Q: Do HANDS OFF travel? 

A: Yes! We Have been as far as Thailand for a gig.


Q: Do HANDS OFF bring their own Equipment?

A: YES! We come with everything we need. We have a State of the Art 6000 watt P.A. System, Stage lighting and smoke machines. Our Gear can service corporate dance floors up to 1000 pax. However, we can bring the right sized Sound system for your function. 


Q: Our Function has an A.V. company looking after sound and lighting for our function, are you happy to work with this?

A: Yes. We have worked with most of the A.V. companies in the country and are very happy to chat with them on your behalf regarding our requirements. 


Q: Can we use your microphone for speeches? And play our own music through the P.A. system?

A: Yes. HANDS OFF can supply a hand-held wireless microphone for any speeches or announcement. Our sound gear is equipped to plug your iPod or MP3 player for break music etc. Please make sure you ask for this service if required. 


Q: Do you need a stage to set up on? 

A: Yes Please! The minimum size required is 4M x 4M or 3M deep x 5M wide. We may be able to set up on the floor providing the surface is flat. 


Q: Do you use any Backing Tracks or mime? 

A: Not a chance!! We are a completely LIVE band with NO miming!!

NB: Our Short 'n" Sweet duo does perform with backing tracks for a 'Dance' type of gig. But all guitars and Vocals are still LIVE! 


Q: Your gig guide says you are booked on the night we are having our function? Are you flexible? 

A: Often we can find a 'fill-in' band for our scheduled pub gigs. So please inquire. 


Q: When do you set up and sound check? 

A: We can fit into your schedule and timings. 


Q: We are a year away from our event, when would you require a deposit ?

A: Many of our wedding clients book us up to 2 years in advance. Our policy is to pencil book your function and require a deposit 4-6 months prior to the event date to confirm your booking. In the event we get another inquiry on the same date, we will contact you and give you first refusal. The deposit would then be required immediately to give you exclusivity to that date. 


Q: How long do you play for? How many breaks do you take? 

A: Every function or event is different, but we are happy to play  to your schedule. Please click here to inquire further. 


Q: What happens if our function runs over time? Are you OK with this? 

A: No problem. Weddings will often run over time and we are quite used to this.