Check out HANDS OFF' COVID-19 2020-21 
Isolated Collaborations 

These Videos were recorded during the COVID-19 Lockdown period in NZ. We all recorded our video and audio parts LIVE!! then collated them, mixed them down and added a few little extra touches to make them sparkle. A huge thanks to Mr Mark Steven (on keyboards) for his tireless work on the post production side and creating these fine videos!
NOW... Enjoy!!! 

September LIVE  -   The HANDS OFF 4 Piece 'All Boy Band'. 


Performed at a Private wedding in March 2015. 


Completely LIVE! This recording has had no 'studio wizardry ' or post production at all. The cameraman took an audio feed from our sound desk. 



Live at The Merchant Bar -  The HANDS OFF 5 piece


A wee glimpse of HANDS OFF with the amazing Caroline our Female singer. 


Please note that this video has multiple songs all taken from one roaming camera. The sound is a LIVE  multitrack Capture...... it gives you an idea of our live show. Enjoy !! 

Live at The All Black Fan Trail 2019  


Footage at the Auckland All Black Fan Trail. Filmed with an iPhone 8. Jaime and Chet with percussive help from Jayden Lee. 



Live at Volov Ocean Race 2018  

Jaime and Chet Duo 


The Hands Off Duo - Live on March 14th at The Volvo Ocean Race in Auckland City. Filmed from a phone.